Thorough ophthalmic examination:

We will evaluate your pet using the latest diagnostic equipment. All pets receive;

    • Slit lamp biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy
    • A neuroophthalmic examination and vision assessment

Some pets may also need:

    • Applanation tonometry, ultrasonography
    • Gonioscopy, Electroretinography, Streak Retinoscopy
    • Digital photodocumentation of the anterior segment and fundus

Cataract Surgery:

    • Phacoemulsification ( ultrasonic ) lens removal using microsurgical techniques
    • Replacement intraocular lenses
    • Capsular tension rings and Sulcus replacement lenses as needed for lens instability


    • Laser cyclophotocoagulation
    • Gonioimplants
    • Sector iridectomy

Corneal Ulcer Therapy:

    • the latest and most aggressive antibiotic therapy
    • diamond burr and grid keratomies for indolent, or refractory ulcers
    • corneal allografts and xenografts for deep corneal ulcers
    • conjunctival grafts, corneoscleral transpositions and penetrating keratectomies

Blepharoplastic Procedures:

    • correction of entropion and ectropion
    • canthoplasties for brachycephalic breeds includings Pugs, Shih tzus, and Pekingeses
    • reconstruction including rotating flaps and resections for removal of eyelid masses
    • cryoepilation for abnormal eyelashes including distichia, ectopic cilia and trichiasis

Orbital procedures:

    • enucleation and exenteration as needed for pain and blindness
    • evisceration with intrascleral prostheses
    • orbitotomies for tumor and cyst removal

Advanced Therapies for:

    • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca ( dry eye ) including parotid duct transpositions
    • Immune keratitis
    • Allergic conjunctivitis