medication refills

Medication Refill Forms:

Note on Shipping…

      We use USPS for shipping. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for medications to reach you.

After Hours and Weekend Refills…

      Unfortunately we cannot refill medications when we are not at our offices. Please leave a message at the office most convenient for you and we can refill the medication the next business day.

Emergency Refill…

      If you have run out of a medication, especially a glaucoma medication, after hours or on the weekend, you may be able to refill the medication at your local human pharmacy. Take the empty bottle and labelled box to a local human pharmacy and they will often do a one time refill then contact us on the next business day for authorization. If the pharmacy will not fill it for you.
      Maryland Clients can call our emergency number (410) 346-5446 and it will page the doctor on-call.

If our Cary / Durham offices are the most convenient for you, please click on the form below. You will be routed to another web site.